About Trident Computers

Helping guide you through the maze and evolution of information technology

Trident Computer Services is the intelligent alternative for your information technology needs.

Australian-owned and backed by three decades of IT experience, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by doing what we do best: delivering the right solution for your needs to help your business grow. We also work on the philosophy that a good relationship is equally as important as the services provided.

From the supply of a PC through to complex wide area networks incorporating high capacity, high speed storage, security and broadband web integration, we proudly boast having serviced and guided hundreds of clients through the maze and evolution of information technology.

Trident Computer Services recognises that BYOD and BYOOD are important new solutions to a school notebook program and have developed a series of appropriate packages and workflows to ensure the success of the program. We can arrange student programs, staff programs and school community programs. We remove the administration from the school and provide you with regular reports so you can be comfortable that your community will be connected and stay connected.

Planning and Administration

Trident partner with best of breed vendors to ensure an excellent and appropriate product. We will work with your school from the earliest stage to ensure we understand your requirements and provide you with the best advice. We can provide demonstration days and kits to your school to ensure that the correct devices or devices are chosen.

Payment Options

We provide a secure on line store with school customisation. We can facilitate and range of payment options including leasing. We can customise the payment package to include accessories, ebooks and IT levies. We will work with you to ensure your school community gets connected.

Mobility Device and Accessory Selection

Trident partner with vendors who provide best of breed products. We advise the school early in the year in regards to the products which we believe will be available. We provide loan units to ensure each school engages with their appropriate staff to choose the best device.

Getting connected

Trident can work with your school to provide a customised image. We ensure that the notebooks are delivered according to your requirements and we can assist with ensuring each school community member gets connected through training and implementation offerings.

Staying connected

Trident provides various warranty, insurance and accidental damage options. We have a large team of trained engineers who can visit your school daily. We hold a large number of spare parts to ensure each member of the school community remains connected.

That's why we're the intelligent alternative.

Trident offer a range of cutting edge mobility devices and servicing solutions for successful BYOD packages:

  • Tablets;
  • Laptops;
  • iPads;
  • Smart Phones;
  • Mobile Device Management;
  • Asset Register;
  • Network Management;
  • Outsourced Helpdesk.

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of holistic IT services to Education and SME in Victoria.